I work to support my clients in discovering, exploring and deepening their sexual pleasure and bliss.

What can I help you with?

People book 1-1 sessions for lots of different reasons. Some common ones are;

  • Accepting and loving one’s body, gender and sexuality
  • Learning to deepen and enrich their sexual pleasure
  • Concerns around erections and the timing of ejaculation
  • An inability to orgasm/anorgasmia
  • Relief from pelvic pain
  • Numbness or pain during sex
  • Recovering sexual functioning and pleasure after childbirth; genital, pelvic or breast surgery; trauma
  • Couples or individuals wanting to enhance their sex life
  • Learning to give and receive pleasure
  • Understanding anal pleasure
  • Referred by a therapist, or other professional

How do the sessions work?

Sessions are tailored to meet your needs but they always involve some time talking and then as appropriate I may use exercises, meditations and bodywork. I blend the best of modern sexology,  and coaching skills along side ancient knowledge of tantra, yoga and holistic approaches to well being.

One of the most powerful ways I work is to support you in listening to and understanding your own body and feelings.

Location and length

Sessions take place in Godalming or London.

The length of the sessions can vary from a 1.5 hour initial consultation and then 2 -4hrs sessions as appropriate.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on what you would like to achieve and how much you are able to take on practices between sessions.

For a few people 1 or 2 sessions will give them the information they need.

More typically a block of 5 sessions will allow you to learn about your body and give you the practices you need.  For others longer term work to support on going transformation can be really helpful.

What are my next steps.

1. Book a 15min phone consultation.
This gives you chance to ask more questions and see if what I offer might be right for you.
This is completely free and there is no obligation to book.

2. Book a first session, following our phone call you can decide what kind of session is right for you.

  • 1.5hr session:  A session to talk through concerns or issues around sexuality, I will help you find clarity and better understanding. I will also support you in finding ways forward to increase your ability to enjoy sexuality and pleasure.   I can teach you skills and home practices that help bring more body awareness and overcome our challenges to pleasure. Your investment is £100
  • 2hr session:  These sessions are primarily for bodywork.  If you think this is right for you we can discuss it during your phone consulation.  Your investment is £250
  • 3hr sessions: These can combine talking, learning practices and receiving bodywork.  Your investment is £350

If you would like to go ahead and book please do so here