Beltane Meditation - Fuelling your Fire

Sunday 28 April 2019

Bonnington Cafe – 11 Vauxhall Grove, London, SW8 1TD

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Buddha statue amongst flowers

Join us on the Sunday before Beltane for a morning meditation to reignite your creative and passionate fire.

Beltane, on the 1st May, and falls roughly halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Traditionally it has been the time of the May pole and May queen, celebrating fertility both for humans and for all of nature. Flowers are in full bloom, insects are buzzing, birds are hatching from their eggs, baby animals are being born.

We will gather the Sunday before Beltane (28 April) for a morning of active meditation clearing what no longer serves us, renewing and reigniting our personal fires of passion and creativity.

Coming together in community we can witness, hold and support one another, weaving an alchemical magic that is greater than our individual selves.

This event is open to all
- for those who have attended our workshops it’s a chance to get together and reconnect.
- for those who want to know more there will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the Shakti Tantra programmes.

Afterwards there will be opportunity to go for lunch in the wonderful Bonnington Cafe.

Body Love for Women

Saturday 1st June 10am-6pm

1 Norwich House, 14-15 North St, Guildford GU1 4AF

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We are living in a time where more noise than ever is being made about being happy with your body as it is.
But many women still;
  • feel self-conscious about what’s ‘not right’ with their body
  • avoid letting people see them naked
  • often think others look way better than they do?
  • hear others say they look great but just can’t feel it or see it for themselves.
  • feel their body is ‘passed its best’?

If you recognise yourself in any of those statements, and have a desire to;

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • Find pleasure in your body – learn everyday tools to help you accept, celebrate & enjoy your physical presence.
  • Develop your inner confidence and embrace your uniqueness.
  • Learn with and gain support from a group of women who feel the same way.
  • Celebrate and even love your body!

Know that you are not alone!

And that you are invited to join us for a day of Body Love for Women.
We will create a safe container to shine a compassionate light on your relationship with your body. You’ll become more conscious of unhealthy beliefs you’re carrying and turn these around. Thoughts create our reality – when we change our thoughts, we can change our lives and experiences. Together we will explore ideas of beauty and lay down foundations for you to develop a healthy relationship with your body.
It is our birthright to live full, rich and love fuelled lives. Lets ramp up the possibilities of how fully and vitally we can live, and how happy we can be.
Fee: £70/£80

Tempting you to Tantra

Sunday 2nd June, 9.30am to 5pm
Venue – Neals yard meeting rooms, London.

Booking information available soon


- a full day of gentle tantra introductions, for men and women. Giving you the opportunity to connect with some delightful tantra essentials, to enhance your life.

More information coming soon......