We are really pleased we had the courage to call you.  Your guidance and support have led us to find new ways to connect that we’d only read about but couldn’t work out alone, so much misunderstanding stood between us.  You will forever have our gratitude.

Pleased we had the courage to call you

We are both deeply grateful for the progress we have made working with you. We are now able to talk through issues which have lain dormant for years. I have much less internalised bitterness and anger, and far more understanding than I had before.  We now know how to give pleasure to each other which we could never do before our sessions with you.

We are both deeply grateful…..

I think I’ll call today The Day of My Awakening – the first day of the rest of my life.

I think I’ll call today…

Since an episiotomy tear during labour 8 years ago I have been aware that sex was not what it once was. I thought that was just age and the way of things. A friend encouraged me to come and see you.  I’m absolutely amazed, the massage techniques we did in the session and my home practices have changed my vagina utterly.  At the age of 40 I’m having the best sex of my life. Thank you.

Since an…

I thought prostate cancer meant the end of sex, but I’ve learned so much and now I feel I’m at the beginning of an amazing new journey of pleasure and intimacy. I can’t thank you enough.

I thought prostate

Your patience, openness and lack of judgement meant I have felt safe to learn about my eroticism. So many fears about how to perform during sex had stopped me from connecting.

Your patience

My wife and I are recently retired, with the kids all gone we have time to rekindle our passionate life.  I’d done a lot of reading but over 6 sessions you showed me new ways to communicate, new ways to touch and be touched, it was a whole education, its crazy I’m nearly 70 and I never knew such pleasures existed.  My wife and I are so grateful for your kindness and your teachings.

My wife and I

After a series of tragic life events I had completely lost my mojo. In just one session, I feel its back. I know myself again. I can’t believe what we did was so simple, but by slowing things down, I became more aware and more relaxed, I was able to reconnect to my body.  Thank you.

After a series

Right from the first phone call you put me at ease, you have an amazing quality of being open hearted, empathetic, playful and yet always professional, maintaining clarity throughout.

I was terrified…

I know it sounds crazy but I’d never focused on how my body felt before. It was always about the other person. Its like I’ve found my missing half!  Thank you.

I know it sounds…